Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick Update (Grammy Recap/In Which Jim Tries to Pick Up a Hipster)

I could be doing homework right now.

Sadly, M.I.A. didn't have her baby on Grammy night, but from the looks of things, it was pretty close. Unfortunately, any video of the performance has been removed from Youtube, but anyone who saw it... well, it looked pretty interesting. if I find it, I'll put it up in the near future.

Also, sadly, Weezy wasn't all that insane, apart from when he appeared to slingshot from backstage to claim an award.

And in kind of a surprise, Coldplay didn't win all 281 awards they were nominated for! Instead, Album of the Year was given to Robert Plant and Allison Krauss for Raising Sand. It's kind of a recent trend: three of the last five years, they've given the biggest prize to an older artist, more than likely for their body of work than if the album nominated deserved to win or not. I haven't actually heard this one yet though, so I couldn't really say much about this, but, umm... cool. I have no problem with this practice. Keep up the good work.

Anyway, my roommate offered me a ticket to see The Submarines tomorrow night. A little background: the Submarines are one of those bands that got their break via Apple commercials. Specifically, this one:

They also have a song on the Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack. They're a couple who dated for four years, broke up, wrote songs about each other, heard each other's songs, got back together, and are now married and still writing songs together (hold for collective "awwwwww.").

At any rate, their latest album is nice. It's pretty, light, and poppy, and that's all that it really needs to be. Also, the ticket is free. Here's the problem with this: this concert is more than likely going to be filled with hipsters. I have no real problem with the hipster, but I do worry about forging into their native habitat of Brooklyn for this concert.

What this means:

*Inevitably, 6'5" me will be hounded by 5'1" girls to move from whatever perch I take, or to put people on my shoulders. This happens to me at least once at any concert with general admission seating.
*I will be the only person in the crowd not to know the words to all of these songs.
*However, I will be the only person who will visibly appear to have fun.

Am I going to need to go to American Apparel for this? Is there any way I can bring a hipster back to keep? Can I, Mom? Pleaseeeeeeeee? I promise I'll take it outside every day for walks and cigarettes!


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