Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Inspired by the post about Bright Eyes/the Killers from a couple of days ago (and also by this cover of a Fleet Foxes song, which my friend made me aware of, and strongly rivals the original), here's a smattering of some awesome cover songs. But first, here's that cover by some Swedish girls. Apparently they call themselves First Aid Kit. I'm really impressed by this.

Anyway, here are some favorites:

Yellowcard - "Everywhere": This is off the first Punk Goes Pop compilation, and while I'm not sure if it's actually a "good" cover, I'm a sucker for teen pop turned loud. Perfect for blaring in your car stereo and yelling along, especially at the end. Go for the note he hits, I promise, it'll be fun.

Cake - "I Will Survive": This is a mean cover. Seriously, may God bless Cake and keep them. John McCrea's voice is great, with this sarcastic drone, and yet somehow, I feel like he's not mocking the song or anything. Anyway, here's a live version:

Limp Bizkit: "Faith": Seriously, any chance I get to bring up Limp Bizkit, I'm going to. Especially cause the "GET THE FUCK UP!!!" at the end, while not particularly subtle, is worth the price of admission. Ignore the video, which is totally unrelated.

Anything by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: A punk band made up of members of other bands, who exclusively plays covers. I guess some are better than others, but in general they're all highly entertaining. Also, they're all really, really faithful to the original versions. Have "Ain't No Sunshine," originally by Bill Withers.

Two songs done in the 60s!

Muse - "Feeling Good": Covered by everyone and their mother (including Michael Buble, whose version, I hate to admit, is awesome), I'm picking Muse just because I love Matthew Bellamy's voice.

Joe Cocker - "With a Little Help From My Friends": This is difficult. See, usually, covering the Beatles is a mistake, but everyone's made a good version of the song "Across the Universe." Ironically, the movie "Across the Universe" was filled with terrible versions of Beatles songs. I'm just going to post this and say that I loved The Wonder Years.

And finally, for now, the White Stripes - "Jolene": One of my favorite covers of all time, actually. At some point in the song, invariably every time, I actually get upset that Jack White's man is gonna get taken from him. This one makes me wanna see the White Stripes more and more every time.

That'll do it, cause, you know, I have a linguistics test in the morning.


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