Thursday, March 5, 2009

Very Quickly:

The Hood Internet Anthology

What are you looking at? 213 mashups by Aaron Brink and Steve Reidell, two guys from Chicago who put them out as The Hood Internet. There are a ton of people who do these, obviously, but I've really been enjoying these for about an hour, and here's why:

These are a little different. The formula is the same as the average mix-up, but while one song is generally a top 40 song or a rap song, the other is generally a hipster's dream. The combos are usually pretty good, and pretty funny too. Some highlights:

9) "Animals Collecting Money" (Paper Route Gangsters vs. Animal Collective)
25) "Deer Assault" (DJ Assault vs. Deerhunter (by far, my favorite))
26) "Single Foxes (Put a Wood On It)" (Beyonce vs. Fleet Foxes)
103) "Bomb Deprivation" (New Young Pony Club vs. Simian Mobile Disco)
114) "No Battles" (Trina vs. Battles)
EDIT: Second favorite: 130) "Drug Drug Kiss Kiss" (Chris Brown vs. A.C. Newman. Sorry, Rihanna.)
139) "The Next Collarbone" (Dr. Dre vs. Fujiya and Miyagi)
148) "Fa-Fa-Fayo Technology" (Datarock vs. 50 Cent)
151) "There's No MIMS In Threesome" (MIMS vs. Interpol)
200) "I'm a Flirt (Shoreline)" (R. Kelly vs. Broken Social Scene)

I mean, R. Kelly and Broken Social Scene? That's hilarious. But seriously, if you only pick one, listen to that Deerhunter mix. It's perfect. Way to go, Hood Internet. Enjoy, guys.


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