Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In which you, the reader, are now free to take my music as you see fit.

As Kristina mentioned last time, a major reason that we didn't post much over Christmas break was that we didn't have much procrastination fodder.

But, now I should be doing some Journalism homework. So, even though this isn't going to be a really substantial entry, hey!

Anyway, the real reason that I was writing was this:

Early on in the year, when I first got in to my dorm, I set my iTunes library to share within the twentysome-odd floors of Gramercy. I think the name I attached to it was something along the lines of "Jim from 1505 will burn you anything you want if you bring a blank cd to him."

Catchy. Probably a little bit of a grab for attention. Whatever.

Anyway, two days ago, somebody actually took me up on it, and, well, my roommate and I were pretty shocked to see that it had worked. So, inspired by this incident, and, again, grabbing for people to read the blog, I made a list of all the full albums on my computer through a couple of classes (some of which were a little embarrassing, but I'll still never apologize for them), and... well, here it is. Make a request in the comment section for this post (not the chatterbox, that's apparently reserved for some kind of unbelievably filthy dialogue between Kristina's friends), and I'll send whatever you want your way.

Oh, and read us. We like followers, too. I promise, there'll be an actual post from me pretty soon, possibly/probably on how irrelevant the Grammys are.

'til then,

EDIT: The list is now on the right-hand side of the page for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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