Saturday, May 9, 2009

Timeliness... you mean, like, last week?

Here at TDoFS, we (and by "we" I mean "I") have embraced the concept of writing about entirely irrelevant things. Albums that came out years ago, YouTube videos that might not be as legitimately awesome as I think they are, etc. And when we (again, I) actually have something relevant to write about, we must wait at least a few days past when it's timely to write about it.

Therefore, time to write about St. Vincent's Virgin Megastore show on 5-5-09.

Both members of TDoFS were in attendance (though one of them kept threatening to go to the Electric Six show instead), and we had a perfect spot in the second row, about 10 feet from Annie Clark herself.

(EDIT: We were probably close enough to personally tell her that we downloaded her album a month before its release. Oops. Sorry, Annie. - Jim)

A few things need to be said about Annie Clark. She has a certain aura of perfection and class around her, and her frizzy halo of black hair makes her seem even more angelic. Even when she's rocking out hard, stomping her feet on the ground and bent over in concentration, she's like porcelain.

Actually, that description of Ms. Clark could also be a description of her second album, Actor: an album that, even though it rocks hard, at some points seems delicate enough to snap.

St. Vincent played songs exclusively from Actor, which was to be expected (though slightly disappointing), and I'd give you the setlist, but Jim's the one with the copy of it (jealous). We were both worried about the orchestration of the songs live... they're so complex and intricate, they couldn't possibly translate over onto the stage very well. On the contrary: apparently, every member of St. Vincent plays a ton of different instruments, and they play them well. Annie Clark was even doing her own backup vocals at one point.

Though it was a short show - which I guess is to be expected for an in-store album promotion - it was packed with my current favorites from Actor, like "Actor Out of Work" and "Marrow."

The only other relevant things to say about St. Vincent live is this: make EVERY attempt to see her on this tour... it will be wholly worth it.

Check out for tour dates and such.

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