Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music to make you disgustingly happy, part one

So, story. The other day I was walking down a street in New York and it was rainy and cold and windy and generally miserable. BUT I had my iPod, and as I automatically navigated to the Bloodhound Gang, and then the Flaming Lips, I realized that I have a lot of songs that I listen to all the time that are HAPPY songs. And I thought, "Kristina, everyone should partake in happy sometimes!" Disclaimer: These make me happy in many different ways. There's nostalgic happy, joyful happy, relieved happy, holy shit! happy, and many other variations of happy. And this is only the first installment. Enjoy!

AC/DC - "You Shook Me All Night Long"
Because of nostalgia, and also because, like, AC/DC. Also, do you remember that SNL skit when Adam Sandler or Chris Farley or one of them recited this as a work of poetry? Lovely.
"She was a fast machine.
She kept her motor clean.
She was the best...
(dramatic poetic pause) ...damn... woman,
That I'd ever seen..."

Aesop Rock (feat. JOHN FUCKING DARNIELLE) - "Coffee"
When Mr. Darnielle comes in a bit after the three-minute mark, you kinda just go, "Damn!" Also, I often find myself walking down the street chanting "T-A-K-E-N-O-P-R-I-S-O-N-E-R-S." Suck it, Gwen Stefani.

Arcade Fire - "No Cars Go"
The way this song is so persistent is what makes it great. All kinds of instruments band together to form the lovely backing eighth-notes. And it's also super uplifting... I love the "Hey!"s.

The Avett Brothers - "Paranoia in Bb Major"
So this isn't that positive of a song, really, lyrically, but when you listen to it and get really into it and then it gets all triumphant at the end with the raw singing and the amazingness, it's just incredible.

Basia Bulat - "I Was a Daughter"
Actually, I can just repeat the previous comments. And still be accurate. Though this mellow blonde Canadian's voice can't be described as raw so much as deliciously sweet.

Be Your Own Pet - "Bunk Trunk Skunk"
So, any song that begins with "I'm an independent MOTHERFUCKER!" is a good song in my book. I used to drive to high school and blast this. It's kind of like aural coffee. In fact... hey, it's late. I'll listen to it right now.

Beck - "Sexx Laws"
First of all, he spells sex with two x's. Second of all, I think that injecting brass into any song automatically makes it a little happier... and we all remember which playlist this is, right? And how can you argue with lyrics like "Running buck-wild like a concubine/whose mother never held her hand"? Yeah. You can't.

Belle and Sebastian - "Stay Loose"
So the beginning of this song is disconcerting, like you've transported yourself to a beach vacation in the 1950s or something. When this comes on, I expect to see little hula girl dolls appear on my desk. And then it gets even MORE awesome. Really, Belle & Sebastian? Random electronic pings and beeps? Then guitar riffs? I cannot hula to this!

Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"
Must be listened to incredibly loudly.
Also, this is what came up when I google-imaged "Ozzy Osbourne Bat":

Blink-182 - "What's My Age Again?"
Whatever. So what if they're not cool? This song is funny and fun to listen to. And don't tell me that it doesn't put pep in your step. So to speak.

Bloodhound Gang - "Pennsylvania"
Hilarious. Everything they do is genius, and has great rhythm. Plus, this song is about my home state. "I'm in a state of P-fucking-A." Enough said. Though, to be fair, from the BETTER side of the state. (Ye-uh Pittsburgh!)

And they get another shout-out with...
Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch"
Okay. You ALL loved this song back in '99 or whatever, when it was still really really scandalous. Now it's just really clever and funny and has an awesome porno beat. Is there anything better? Oh, and we've all done that thing with the X-Files, amirite?

To be continued.

Here, you can listen to everything, too!

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